Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pearl River High Class of 1957

Many of us have memories of our classmates that have passed away. One of the things we can do on this blog is share our fondest memories with others in our class. My wife and I stopped in to see Kevin Farley in his home in Florida. Kevin was upset by the squirrels that came near his house and was hunting them down with a 22. He kept track of how many he killed. Some of the neighbors were very upset with him others would cheer him on.


Henry said...

I remember talking to Kevin at the 40th anniversary dinner. At the time, I had a co-worker from the Irish Republic named Caoimhe Carton. Her first name was pronounced "Kweeva." She told me it was the feminine of Caoimhin (Kweevin) which came into English as Kevin. Apparently he had never known what his name was in Irish.

Leo said...

"Of a fellow classmate"

We had a genuine person in our class, who was not only of high intelligence and forethought, but was a most popular, pleasant, morally straight, humble and uncondescending man.

His name was Kevin Kenneth Peter Farley.

I'm sure he is missed by all who knew him.