Saturday, October 6, 2007

Three All Stars

During the 1950's if you were a baseball fan growing up in New York you had the chance to watch three all star centerfielders every day; Willie Mays for the Giants, Mickey Mantle for the Yankees and Duke Snider for the Dodgers. Many of us argued which of these three were the best. Growing up in Pearl River we had three all star family doctors. Dr. Cassara, Dr. Schroeder and Dr. Mike Lefkowitz. When Dr. Mike as we called him in my house came to Pearl River I believe my mother was one of the first people to go to him with her five children. His bedside manner wasn't always the greatest but he had a heart of gold. He knew that my mother didn't drive so whenever she was very sick he would come to the house. In the years we went to him I never remember a bill. He knew we didn't have a lot of money so he would wait until one of us was in the hospital and then my father's insurance at Lederle would pick up for the office visit we had. Others in town felt the same way about their choice of Drs. Cassara or Schroeder. We were indeed fortunate to have these three all stars.

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