Wednesday, May 21, 2008


In the last blog I mentioned the invitation given by the class of 1958 to any PRHS graduate to attend the picnic on 6SEP2008 at Krucker's. We understand that the class of 1959 will be going on a cruise. Can we assume that class has turned into latte drinkers that read the New York Times every day? I would like to hear from members of that class how much that reunion is going to cost the average Joe.

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Hank said...

This '59'er has never had a latte. However, the Class of '59 would be more than happy to have members of previous classes join us on our cruise to Nova Scotia. Please contact Barry Roth at for information. We are also having a breakfast and BBQ for those who do not want to go on the cruise and friends of the class are more than welcome.