Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Pearl River Means To Me

Marion's melons and Willy Barz's watermelons
Tex Davidowitz's curls and Matty's girls
Oakley's taxi --- Judge Borger
Eloise and the Cove
Steve and the Campus
The Cozy Nook --- Norby
Roller skating --- Father Ansbro --Pizza

Skinny dipping --white rock --- seven foot
Pitching pennies --- Leroy Holmes
Football: King Kong, Rip, Krupka and Charlie Boy
Teachers: Chrome Dome, Black Max, Tony Donut
Leather Jackets and Peg Pants
Colors: Pink and Black
Couples: Pete and Pepe, Tom and Marion, George and Peggy

The Duke of Earl -- Earth Angel --The Big Bopper
Ronnie's Cars and Beets' Bikes
Irene and her horses
Elvis Presley and Flatsy Patsy
Lighting Cree and Uncle Ira
Miss Metress, Rose Wizwer, and Miss Ingerson
Stickball with Merriman and Van Zandt

Kevin's singing ---Larry's winning -- Timmy's losing
Flag Flyers and Slim Jim Ties
D.A.'s and Mohawks --crew cuts too
Bill at the movies--Johnny the cameraman --Babe O'Shaughnessy too
Church bazaars, potato sack races, penny socials
Msgr. Toner and Pastor Buller

Umlands--The Grenada--The Commodore
Charlie, Tony, Pete and Dottie
Caddying in Rivervale
Fudgesicles--Cherry Cokes--Raisinettes

Physicals--cold hands
Lefkowitz and Casarra--soak it in Epsum Salts, too
Chemistry--Mr. Stanley--Booklet A and Booklet B
The Our Future Party
Skip Second Period Today

Wanda, Brenda, Myra and Mona
Ted Steele, Ed Sullivan and Howdy Doody
Theresa Brewer, Jonie James and Nat King Cole
The Orangetown Telegram --Mad Magazine
Art Hopper and Mr. Tulevich

Bowling at the Mapleways--Palisades Park
Pep Rallies, "Pearl River to you, we always will be true"
Dexters, Lederles, Rockland State
Silas Champ, Irv Sherman, Mr. Kenyon
Playing Johnny ride the pony
Flash Gordon, Aldo, Dawson, Luke and Gus

Moonean Ingham and Stephanie Demchuch too
3D movies, I Love Lucy, Bobby Thomson's homer
The Say Hey Kid


Written for our 25th reunion 17Jun1982
by Bob Brennan

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Syd said...

Hi Bob, Syd Smith here.Thank You for Jarring my memory.