Monday, August 6, 2007

Prayers Needed

When my son was in Iraq my wife approached the priest at our church and asked him if they could put a book in the back of the church where those having relatives could place the names of their relatives serving in Iraq for the prayers of the parish as they did for the ill. The next week the pastor put out the book and before the morning was over there was a whole page of soldiers that the parish was praying for. Our class can also give people the opportunity to ask for our prayers for their loved ones.

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Georgia Peach said...

Letter to Walter Reed Hospital

To the Dear Men and Women
of Our Combined Services

There are No Words capable of exemplifying the individual sacrifice that you have made for your fellow Americans.

In past historic eras, you would have been referred to as Glorious Warriors, but to us, you stand for all that is Brave and Honorable in defending the Freedoms of Our Country, the United States of America.

You have been hurt for fortifying our freedoms abroad and we want you to know that we fully realize that you fought the fight with Dignity, Diligence and above all, an Honor that can never be questioned now and into history.

It is men and women like yourselves that make us so proud to be Americans and we will be humbled in your presence and memory.

We wish you a Heartfelt Speedy Recovery and Happiness in your return to the Land of

Remarkable Freedoms, the United States of America.

Long may the Star Spangled Banner wave over the land that each of you Proudly Represent and Defend.

Georgia Litwin
Sentiments from ALL the Employee’s at District 6-0
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation