Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Spy Wore Red

Plot of Book:
While working as a model at Hattie Carniegie, Aline Griffith is selected and trained for espionage during WWII. Undercover in Madrid, Aline mingles with Spain's high society to gather
intelligence from Nazi sympathizers. She decodes secret messages and falls in love with a possible traitor."
This book is a true story by the Countess Aline Romanones (Tom Griffith's sister). Our town is mentioned as the place in which she grew up. It's an interesting book to read as well.

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Hobart said...

The Spy Wore Red and the Spy Went Dancing are more fiction than fact. One of the leading experts on espionage has so concluded. Read Chapter 3 of "Counterfeit Spies" by Nigel West. His conclusions are impossible to refute.